NFS is back with another smacking perfomance. The game takes you to a hypothetical place with an amazingly vivid landscape, Redview County. It displays a core rivalry between the two fastest groups, the Cops and the Racers.

It was developed by Ghost Games and Criterion Games, it is the twentieth installment in the Need For Speed series. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3  and Xbox 360 on 19 November 2013, and for Playstation 4 and Xbox 1 as launch titles in the same month.

Storyline –


In NFS Rivals, the player is a professional racer, code named Zephyr. He keeps uploading videos of himself racing. Following his lead, many other racers start uploading their own videos outrunning the cops.

The police are shown as the rivals of the racer, and in this rivalry, Officer John McManis is severely injured. After this event, the police start using excessive force, known as the VRT (Vehicle response team). However, the VRT are unsuccessful in stopping the racers, and only manage to endanger the public.

Now, new racers start to show up, including a racer known as F-8.F-8 is shown as an extremely violent racer, who continuously wrecks other racer. Afterwards, Zephyr realizes that F-8 is an undercover cop.

In another video, Zephyr says that if the cops will use the racers’ cars against them, then the Racers will use cop cars against the cops. Zephyr steals a decommissioned police car and wrecks cops. Zephyr then announces a number of places where Racers can deal with each other. He also organizes a Grand Tour, which covers a major portion of Redview County. At the end of the race, when Zephyr is about to win, the police form a blockade, and zephyr crashes into it at a high speed.

A news report is shown afterwards, showing Zephyrs car smoking and paramedics rushing towards it.

Later, a sudden cut scene shows Zephyr alive.



Speeding through icy mountains, dodging spike strips and stun mines, with a dozen cops in super cars and helicopters behind you is surely enough to give you a boost of adrenaline! NFS Rivals is a perfect combination of its ancestors, NFS Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit. It includes new developments such as pursuit techs. Its open world terrain is extremely vivid, with deserts, forests, Icy Mountain caps and coastal streets. It is incredible to think that a small county can have so many landscapes. It has a whole lot to explore.

Its storyline is also pretty interesting. I never found myself wanting to simply skip those videos. You can refer to the ‘storyline’ section to get a brief sketch of it.

However, it has a less number of cars, and poor customisation, and after sometime you think that maybe by changing some tiny points the game could have been a whole lot better. It is also a bit repetitive.

But at a whole, it is a jolly good game. It has a natural street racing feel, and gives an authentic experience. However, if you haven’t played an NFS game before, then there are some other games to opt for.

To get a small idea of its gaming experience,check the videos




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