A new era has dawned on Helghan. Emperor Visari is dead, executed by ISA(Interplanetary Strategic Alliance Force).Two men step up to lead the Helghans to victory, Jorhan Starl and Admiral Orlock.

Killzone 3 is a 2011 First person shooter Game for the PS3, developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.


After Visari’s death, the ISA forces had abandoned some of their troop. So, the ISA troops are forced to make their way through the ruins of Pyrrus. With the Helghans seeking revenge for their Emperor’s death, the ISA troops lose most of their men while reaching to an extraction point.

Starl keeps pressurizing Admiral Orlock to either completely destroy ISA forces or hand over the military to him.During this period, Rico receives a transmission from Jammer, a sniper whose platoon has been cut off by the Helghast. Against Narville’s orders, he goes to assist them. The rest of the force attempts to link up with the fleet, but enemy interference leads to several ships being shot down, forcing the remainder to leave without Narville’s men.

After 6 months, Starl asks for a vote to remove Orlock from his post. Rejected,  Stahl ends his company’s cooperation with the First Army and organizes his personal guard to hunt down the ISA, who have set up a base in a remote jungle near one of their destroyed cruisers.

While trying to restore a communication uplink, the soldiers learn that the UCN has agreed to a ceasefire with the Helghast, therefore abandoning them. Stahl’s men interrupt the transmission and send Helghan troops. Tomas and Narville are taken captive.

Tomas and Narville are eventually rescued by Ricco and Jammer’s Platoon, who ambush the convoy. Learning that Stahl is going to kill Narville, Tomas and Sev disguise themselves as Helghan officers and rescue Narville. During this operation, the team learns that to prove himself, Stahl was going to invade Earth. They also learn from the mainframe that a weapon capable of tearing being’s apart had been built.

Angry with Stahl, the senator gives Stahl’s Power to Orlock and orders Stahl to surrender.Meanwhile, the ISA troops face a heavy Helghan attack, reducing them to only 60 soldiers. However,they deactivate the perimeter defenses around Pyrrhus’s spaceport, allowing them to access the imperial orbit command center.

Aware of Orlock’s plans to murder him after securing his weapons, Stahl double-crosses and kills him before launching an attack on the First Army, giving the ISA a desperately needed opening to steal several Helghast transports. Stahl orders his flagship to warp to Earth, but Tomas manages to destroy its warp coil, causing the ship to plummet towards Helghan’s surface. A direct nuclear strike ordered by Narville obliterates the vessel, causing it to drop its Petrusite arsenal on Helghan.

A video then shows Stahl alive.


I personally found Killzone 3 breathtaking from the moment undercover operation in the start to the Nuclear Bombarding in the end. Not a moment of that game was not filled with action. It is still one of my personal favorites. It is a must for those seeking a solid 1st person shooter.

However, Killzone 3 just couldn’t meet the expectations of its predecessor, Killzone 2. The storyline, action and intensity couldn’t keep up. If you haven’t tried that game out, then stop reading and opt for Killzone 2.

But that isn’t enough to degrade this game! You’ll tell yourself at 8 pm at night,” Just another hour, and when you finally get up from the chair, it’ll be 4 in the morning. Its highly addictive.

Now, maybe I’m overdoing it. it just is a little above average. When you start a game and are expecting it to be just another general warfare game, and you find it incredibly good-yep that’s the feeling.

So, to summarize, Killzone 3 is your above average 1st person shooter that you’d prefer over several other games. It provides just what a blood thirsty soldier needs, intense action.


The Killzone 3 multiplayer has 3 different modes,a) Guerrilla Warfare,b) Warzones and c)operations 

  1. Guerrilla Warfare:  “Guerrilla Warfare” is a classic team death match style game that supports up to 16 players per map for each map that supports this mode
  2. Warzone is an objective based game (seven objectives: Body Count, Capture and Hold, Search and Retrieve, and two rounds of Assassination and Search and Destroy respectively) that supports up to 24 players per map for each map that supports this mode
  3. Operations is a new game mode that features cinematic scenes and supports up to 16 players per map for each map that supports this mode. In Operations, the ISA and the Helghast battle for control of specific objectives – the ISA on the offensive and the Helghast on defense

Killzone 3 also provides split screen co-op campaign that was not there in KIllzone 2.

However, if you simply want to have an offline multiplayer game then you will not be satisfied with Killzone 3 multiplayer.