Only this November (of 2016) did I complete Uncharted 4, and I think I ought to write about the series.

Naughty Dogs has done a great job, along with Sony Computer Entertainment. I was not so impressed by Uncharted (1), but when I was done with Uncharted 2, I was sure that the Uncharted series was going to be a hit.

Ranking all the games of the series, I obtained this list(best to worst)-

  1. Uncharted 4-A Thief’s End
  2. Uncharted 2-Among Thief’s
  3. Uncharted 3- Drake’s Deception
  4. Uncharted- Drake’s Fortune

Sadly, the series is not gonna be released(according to Naughty Dogs)

In Drake’s Fortune, Nathan Drake is introduced as a treasure hunter who thought of himself as a descendant of Francis Drake. He, along with Sully and reporter Elena to follow the trail of Francis Drake.

They are pursued relentlessly by pirates led by Eddy Raja and later on by a group of mercenaries led by Gabriel Roman and Atoq Navarro.

Afterwards,in Uncharted 2, Drake finds himself in Nepal and the Himalayas  searching for the lost city of Shambala. The game reunites Drake with Elena and Sully and also introduces some  new characters such as Chloe Frazer ( who shows a short romantic relation with Drake),Harry Flynn and Zoran Lazarevic(the main antagonist).

Uncharted 3 focuses on Nate’s relationship with his mentor, Victor Sullivan, and has him searching for a legendary lost city that will ultimately take him to the Arabian Peninsula and the Rub a Khali Desert, in search of Iram of the Pillars, also known as the “Atlantis of the Sands”. Elena Fisher and Chloe Frazer feature again but with smaller roles, and the game introduces new characters such as Charlie Cutter and Salim, Nate’s newest allies, and Katherine Marlowe, Talbot and Ramesses who serve as the game’s main antagonist

In A Thief’s End, Drake is a retired fortune hunter, who makes a comeback as a thief when his believed to be dead- brother appears and asks Drake for help.He embarks on a globe-trotting journey in pursuit of a historical conspiracy behind a fabled pirate treasure!