Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a next gen COD. It’s a great game, overall. It features a completely different set of weaponry, unlike anything seen before in COD. It was the first game to introduce the exo boosts and jumps. It’s one thing to sit back and enjoy a game on a TV, but to pull a player into the warzone while paralyzing  you in real life. Filled with intense realistic action, this game just proves it. The multiplayer isn’t that great, but rest assured, it is a nice game.

The game takes you to a new Era, an Era filled with ADVANCED WARFARE. Its fascinating, really. If you’re a person who likes to take a few hours off the real world, and plunge into an Earth filled with Technology your imagination can’t provide, then this is the game you’re looking for.

Just got a few minor setbacks, of course. Sometimes I felt that the new age technology was a little too much. I felt nostalgic, missing the originality of Modern Warfare. The multiplayer too, isn’t so admirable. The maps aren’t that good.

The Survival is great, though. It is filled with various elements that ensure that you don’t last a little too long! It’s got a vast number of maps, which you have to unlock by completing a specific number of rounds.


We lose our arm as a product of war, and are given another by Jonathan irons, the head of Atlas(a private military practice used to wipe out threats uncontrollable threats that are not in the capabilities of the normal military).


The multiplayer is a COD games heart and soul. But this game seems to have no respect for its heart and soul. Really, it isn’t that bad, but after such a great campaign, some tiny differences in the Multiplayer would have made this game so much better.

The multiplayer allows players to pick weapons, attachments, perks and score-streaks within a total of 13 allocation points. Advanced Warfare introduces weapon variants, which contain many different stats compared to the base weapons. Hence, the game gives about 350 different weapons.

Supply drops provide the player with the different gear as they play the game.

Exo Survival-

The Exo survival is the third feature in this game. It allows (at max) a total of 4 players to team up against enemies( controlled by Artificial Intelligence). This Face-off occurs in waves.

The weapons could be upgraded as you proceed through the waves. The game presents several tasks or objectives. failure to accomplish them would penalize you in ways such as No primary weapons, or enemy turrets.