The favorite Marvel superhero is here with his own solo game series. the Amazing Spiderman is an open world game placed in Manhattan( spidey’s neighborhood). It is an a sequel to the movie. It is a must for spidey’s fans.

The game features a main storyline, and after you’ve completed it, you can collect comic pages,help patients to get aid,collect costumes, or simply swing around!


I will admit that I was excited about the game, and that I enjoyed it. The game provides mind blowing action. It is successful in replicating the unique  combat style of Spiderman. It gives a rebirth to the world’s favorite superhero.

But often it gets boring, and once you’ve completed the story, it isn’t any fun. The game gets repetitive in the end.

Its a fast, flowing, exhilarating, web slinging mechanic.

It rectifies all the mistakes in the previous Spiderman game, resulting in an open world game with better combat. Its better than games such as Spiderman 3, Spiderman Shattered dimensions and Spiderman Web of Shadows.

So if you’re looking for a game with web slinging, open world action, this might be it.