Another master piece by the world’s highest selling franchise (,back then!).

Cod’s MW3 is an epic action packed first person shooter. Its got what the gamer seeks most, adrenaline.


The multiplayer, offline, is in the orthodox style, without bots. Even though a match without bots shows a players true skill, sometimes it gets boring when you spend half the time searching for someone to kill.

Online, however, there are no such issues.

I will not praise MW3’s multiplayer so much. If you are seeking only multiplayer, then there are better options such as Black ops II. The maps are well designed, though.

 Co-op Survival-

The survival is fun. You are provided with a starting weapon loadout, and as you proceed, you have to earn money to buy new weapons.

Not only weapons, but there are also a wide range of Auto sentries, Airstrikes, etc.

The maps for survival are the same as for MP. Survival is a great past time once you are done with the campaign.

Co-op Missions-

If all that wasn’t enough, there is a different set of missions to do with a friend. These missions are extremely enrapturing, and will take you through the same thrill you get in Campaign.

So once you think you are done with a game, you should reconsider it.