Nintendo is back with the world’s most loved arcade game , Super Mario. It introduces a completely new feature, never seen before- Autorun. The basic principle for this feature is to give a feel of a lighter game, which can be played with one hand.

There is quite some changes made in this new game. Dive into our info to be completely aware of this latest installment in the Mario series.

Let’s go

What’s new-

The game features three game modes-a) The core mission-story mode; (b) A Toad Rally where you compete against other player’s ghosts; and (c) Kingdom, where you use your coins to develop your kingdom.

Unlike any other Mario installment, Super Mario Run has a fast scrolling, auto-moving gameplay. No need to jump across minor hurdles. No need for two hands, one does just fine


I was Super Excited about Super Mario- a game we had spent countless hours without track of time. Here we were on the first mission, telling ourselves that we were gonna keep the game aside in awhile, and in no time it was 4 in the morning.

Firstly, even though the constantly moving feature is good, after some time I start missing the original method. But really the autorun makes the game more casual to play.

The worse thing Super Mario Run has, is that to unlock all the levels one has to pay.


Nintendo shouldn’t have charged for their game

All that said, Super Mario Run is an epic, super-addictive game. If you’re looking for a casual game you could play anytime, this might be it.