5) Zig Zag

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This is quite a tough game. Just tap to move left and right, and that’s it. Developed by Ketchapp, this game is quite interesting. But after sometime it gets boring, and at times, frustrating.

4) Doodle Jump

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This is a lovely game. Just tilt left or right to move like a wise. Make a high score in the various different maps.

3) Piano Tiles 2

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This game builds up the difficult slowly and steadily. Its a difficult game, and to master it is even more difficult. Its got tons of different pieces to play.

2)Color Switch

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This is yet another light-headed game in which you can spend time while getting bored. Its got dozens of different game modes.

  1. Spin to Fit-

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You might not like this game a lot, but this is my personal favourite. You tap to jump and fit in through the tight gaps. There are tons of game modes with loads of different levels. You can also play it in unlimited mode where you make highscores.