Just bought a shiny expensive console and haven’t the least speck of an idea about where to start. Here are we to the rescue.

To identify your genre of games, you have to try out every genre. So here’s some of the major genres and their best games yet.

First person shooters-

First person shooters are games that revolve around gun and other weapons in which the players play through a first person perspective i.e they see through the eyes of the protagonist.

The first fps ever was Mage War, developed and launched in 1973.

Some fps that you have to try out are this year (2017) are as follows. Please note that they are not in any order (best to worst,etc).

Battle field 1 –

Call of Duty WWii-

(This game is not released yet, but it is an extremely anticipated game this year.)

Open world Games-

Open world games are those games which give the player the flexibility to roam around in a virtual world. In the games, players get a different way to approach missions and objectives, as opposed to normal games with linear structure.

Grand Theft Auto 5


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate