This September, Apple announced quite some new things, including the new Apple TV that supports 4K, the iPad pro and a new generation of iPhone, and in the end they revealed their new pride, the iPhone X(pronounced as 10, mind it). The public  by its features, that is, until the price tag was revealed. the phone comes for a mind boggling price of 1000$, which is well above the budget of the common man (and mine too).

So let’s cut to the topic in question, why is it so expensive?

The features-

It is true that iPhone X offers some of the best features in the market currently. So let’s get started. let’s have a quick look at some of the features, without going into too many details.

  • Display: a 5.8 inch ‘Super Retina’ display, with a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 and an OLED screen.
  • Durability: Claimed to have the most durable glass in a Smartphone, with stainless steel. Water and Dust resistant (IP67).
  •  A11 Bionic Chip: This chip is pretty impressive, claimed to be the most powerful chip in a smartphone ever.
  • TrueDepth Camera: The tiny space on the top, with 3 projectors which help in facial recognition, Face-id and much more
  • Camera- a dual camera with 12 megapixel each and f/1.8 aperture.(and selfie portrait)
  • Design: See for yourself
  • OS- ios11
  • Extra features- Anemoji- analyzes muscle  movement to imitate your expressions.

After looking at these features, it is clear that the iPhone X does offer something better than other smartphones in the market.

A deeper look at the processor-

I’ve dedicated this entire column too the chip, cause it strikes me as the most important feature in the phone.

The A11 bionic chip is capable of handling a billion operations every second. The four  cores in the CPU are up to 70 per cent faster than A10 Fusion. And the two performance cores are up to 25 per cent faster. Adapts to your facial changes.

Image result for A 11 bionic


The iPhoneX supports some really satisfying Augmented Reality, about which i shall write soon

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The iPhone X is offering some spectacular features, and even though it IS a bit overpriced, IF YOU GOT THE BUDGET, it surely is worth a buy.