Everybody likes notebooks. Light, small and portable, they are the best for business men, bloggers, journalists, the works. So here’s 2017s list of notebooks that make it to the top. Hope this helps you.

(please note that they are not ranked in any order)

HP Spectre x360:

Well crafted design, as cutting edge on the out as in. Armed with a 7th generation, intel i5/i7 processor and a 4k screen, it is a decent laptop.

CPU-dual core core i3-i7

Ram- 8GB-16GB


Dell XPS 13:

Embracing a beautiful rose-gold color, the Dell XPS boasts a gorgeous design and a long battery life.

CPU Dual core i3-i7

Graphics Intel HD Graphics 620

Ram 4GB-8GB

13-inch MacBook Air:

The MacBook Air is quite a capable machine. The design is unaltered.

CPU: Dual Core i5-i7 core proccessor


Storage: 128GB-512GB SSD

Lenovo Yoga 910:

Personally, I like this one the best. It throws away the genetic design traits of the previous model. Armed Dual Core i7 Processor and 16GB Ram, it is not only a beautiful but also a capable machine.

CPU: Intel core i7, Dual core

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620

Ram: 8GB – 16GB