The Prince Of Persia series was first created in 1989. After the first trilogy, the franchise was handed over to Ubisoft. Ubisoft then released the Sands Of Time series, which was, frankly, quite successful. It met with a lot of acclaim and was commercially successful.

So why did it die?

To understand what killed the Prince of Persia series, we must have a look at another series, The Assassin’s Creed. Well, you know it today as Assassin’s Creed, but it started as Prince Of Persia: Assassins.


Ubisoft said it wanted to do something different, that they were tired of the same old thing. In this game(POP assassins), the Assassins were the protectors of the prince. So you like, play as an assassin and are assigned missions involving the prince’s protection. So Ubisoft said it was actually a nice idea.

So in 2007,2 things were happening-The Assassin’s Creed was coming out and a reboot of Prince Of Persia for next generation consoles was being developed. The Assassin’s Creed sold well while the Prince Of Persia didn’t. So a totally new game beat a well-known one.

All the Assassin’s creed installments released later did better at an average than all the POP games.

Well ,that’s reason enough to drop the POP franchise. After all, in the end what matters the most is money.