Online privacy is one of the most controversial issue these days. With the recent Cambridge Analytica Scandal, we find an increase in the number of articles elucidating the credibility of top social media sites. In such a time of confusion, it is important to know how to tackle the privacy problem.

Here are a few tips that will help you do so. It is essential you follow these tips to keep your Privacy, well, private.

1. Manage Google settings

Google collects massive information on you to give a more personalised experience. But you needn’t be alarmed, this information is available only to you. However, you should know what’s being saved, you should have control over it and know how to delete it.

Security and Privacy checkups.

Click on My Account to get an overview of your searches, locations you have seen on Maps and apps you’ve downloaded. Initiate the Security and Privacy checkups, and you’ll find a few settings you might want to change.

Third Party access.

You might have given some third party apps access to your account. You can view all these @

Information used for personalised ads.

Google uses certain basic information about you for giving personalised ads. Edit this @

2. Remove contacts from Facebook.

Ensure that you are not uploading contacts to Facebook. To do this in an iOS device, go to Settings>account settings>General>Upload Contacts. It is necessary that toggle is off. For Android, tap the three horizontal bars, go to App Settings and ensure that the toggle is off.

Next, head to and delete all the contacts auto uploaded by Facebook Messenger.

3. Check out your Facebook Privacy settings.

Go to Settings>Activity Log on the Facebook app. This will contain all the posts and other activity such as posts you liked.

However, it is most important that you do the Privacy Check-up, found in Privacy shortcuts/settings.  Manage your audience, select what information about you is accessible. You can also see what apps you’ve used Facebook to log into.

4. Check your chat backups.

Almost all IMs these days encrypt your chat. All information you share is secure and with you. However, regular backups are taken in iCloud for iOS devices and Google Drive for Androids. These backups are not encrypted and thus, government agencies, etc can get Apple or Google to release a backup file and voila,there goes your privacy down the drain. Check these backups and delete private conversations.