Most people using iOS browse on Safari. But there are a few hidden features that you must know to make full use of Apple’s browser. This post enlists some such features.

1. Add a Web Page as a Home icon.

This one’s my favourite, and one which is widely known. Visit a particular site or page frequently and hate to type it again and again in the address bar? Here’s what to do- Tap the Action button when on a page and tap on Add To Home Screen. The site will be accessible from  your Home screen just like any other application.


2. Search for a word or text directly.

If you find a word or string of text that doesn’t make sense to you, just tap and hold, select, and then tap on ‘look up’. This will give you some quick information on the text. If not satisfied, you can also search the web from there.

3. Remotely close or open tabs on iCloud connected devices.

You can close or open a tab on other iCloud connected devices such as your mac or iPad. Click on the Tabs button to close or open tabs on these other iOS devices.

4. Save PDF of website to iBooks.

Find something interesting that you want to preserve? The best way to do on Safari is to tap/click on the Action Button, scroll right and tap/click on save PDF to iBooks  This site’s PDF will be available on iBooks.

5. AirDrop a page.

Wanna share something interesting to another iOS user? The easiest way to do so is to airdrop it. Click on the Action button and tap on Airdrop.  Of course, you have to have Bluetooth and WiFi enabled.

Got any other recommendations or queries? Feel free to express you self in the comments section below