From cold, frosty labs to labs deep in the ground- We have them all. Here’s a list of the most extreme and fantastic labs on planet Earth. Each lab is extreme in its own way

1.Coldest Physics Lab:

IceCube Neutrino Observatory, Antartica.

This lab is in the thick of Antartica, located under a thick layer of ice. Efficient neutrino detecting equipment are found in this lab. It is built on the frozen, icy wastes of the southern-most continent. It records the interaction of these neutrino particles.

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2.Highest Terrestrial Lab:

Pyramid Laboratory, Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal:

The Pyramid

The Pyramid

Located on the peaks of the Himalayas, The Pyramid researches on a variety of subjects, including geology, climate change, human physiology and environment. It is a three -storey high, pyramid shaped lab.

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3.Deepest Underwater Lab:

NOAA Aquarius Reef Base, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Situated about 60ft deep, the lab is for researching the ecology around it. It is placed in a marine sanctuary in the Florida keys. The lab also includes six bunkers and a bathroom, as well as a window to the marine life outside. It is the only one of its kind still operational.

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4. Largest Particle Physics Lab:

CERN, Geneva, Switzerland and France border.

The lab of the European Organization for Nuclear Research has the largest particle collider- the Large Hadron Collider- a 27 km tunnel 492 feet below the ground. About 10,000 scientists and engineers work at this gigantic lab. And there are plans for building another such tunnel 3 times larger.

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5. The deepest underground Lab:

SNOLAB, Sudbury Research Observatory, Ontario.

SNOLAB observes deep space phenomena from deep in the Earth. The lab is located under a 2-km deep nickel mine. It is 16,404 sq. ft large in terms of area, with a 10,170 sq. ft. support building on ground.

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So, are you fascinated? Know any other labs that deserve to be mentioned here? Any suggestions, queries or thoughts? Feel free to express yourself in the comments section below….