The Apsara(Aerial Platform Supporting Autonomous Resupply Actions ) is a cardboard drone that is designed to provide supplies in times of humanitarian crisis or the aftermath of a natural disaster or battle. This cardboard wing can land in a 15 meter wide area according to specification.

Swarm of drones

Although it currently is made entirely of card board, Everfly is working on using a mushroom based material called mycelium, which biodegrades completely in a few days. They are also working toward making the electronic components as degradable as the material. The drone features two actuators to control the movement of wings.

This video by otherlabs explains the basic concept behind the functioning of the cardboard drone-

Team Everfly hopes to get this drone in the hands of organisations such as WHO, this drone will be deployed in large numbers during humanitarian crisis, such as natural disasters and battle aftermaths.



This drone shows how the future of drones is bright- more and more industrial applications of drones are being implemented everyday. Drones for video-editing, drones for military, drones for search and rescue, drones for agriculture, for industrial leaks and now for supply.

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