With talks about coding becoming an essential skill- comparable with reading and writing- it is important to get into the basics of coding as quickly as possible. With today’s easy access to resources, this skill can be mastered, or at least learned, with great ease. If you’re already into coding, these apps and websites can provide ground for improving as well as showcasing your coding skills.

In this blog, I will list some of the top resources to help you jump right into coding.


The easiest and most efficient way to master coding is through websites. Here’s a list of websites that I have found helpful.


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Codecademy is my personal favorite. It provides a unique hands-on experience, with practice questions, quizzes, and learning material. Codecademy cajoles you to practice each and every concept before proceeding to the next one. Most courses can be completed in less than 11 hours. There are courses on all major languages- programming languages such as Java and Python, data handling languages such as SQL, and web development languages such as javascript, HTML, Ruby, etc. Best of all, you can get started for free! Any budding coder must register on Codecademy and start practicing.


Apps are easy to access and use. Getting a few coding apps can help you to practice and master the skills required by any coder. Here are some of the most essential apps to get onto your mobile phone or tablet.


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Sololearn provides a clean interface for you to learn. It segments the course into sections and takes regular module tests to proceed to the next level. If you’ve already done a bit of coding, you can jump right where you want to by taking a quick test. Sololearn also allows you to showcase your skills to fellow coders as well as compete with them on time-based quizzes. Again, SoloLearn is completely free.


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Some coders would find videos as the easiest way to learn the concepts of coding. Here’s a list of youtube channels that provide the best resources for you.


TheNewBoston has beginner-friendly courses in more than 7 different languages such as javascript and c++.


Has courses in tons of languages such as PHP, Java, etc.


Provides fast-paced tutorials in languages such as c++, Python, etc.


The current advent of technology has pushed books as a medium of learning to the back of the line. But it can be incredibly useful to have a book to refer to quickly. Here are some books that all coders should read.

Clean Code by Robert Cecil Martin:

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Clean Code does not focus on the learning aspects of coding, but rather on the writing of efficient and clean code. It is referred to as the most influential book that programmers must read. This book teaches one concepts such as i) How to distinguish between good code and bad code, ii) how to convert bad code into good code, and iii) how to format code for easy readability.


So, have you checked out any of these resources? Did they help you with getting started with coding? Share your story in the comment section below and drop a like if you found this post helpful.