Fancy a story-based puzzle for your iOS device? Murder In The Alps is the way to go!

Take on the role of journalist Anna Myers as you search for hidden clues to solve the mysterious murder in Hotel Reger, a cozy corner hidden in the Swiss Alps! This game packs an enthralling gameplay experience based on keen observation and logical workarounds.

The story line gives an authentic Agatha Christie experience, complemented by a well balanced search-and-solve gameplay.

I really admire the way the developers have replaced cinematic sequences with animated comic strips and speech bubbles, which gives the game a more authentic aura. This, along with the eerie background music, makes the story more indulging and complete.


It’s the kind of game that you don’t play casually, but end up spending hours lost in the story. And when you’re done, you won’t regret the time and space spent in the game.

Apart from the main story, you can also go to the main hall and cozy up in a game of solitaire.

The game currently has one story, but many more are expected to come in future updates!