Anyone who indulges in racing games on mobile devices must have tried out the all-famous Asphalt 8: Airborne. The game received tons of positive feedback, and rightly so.

The new Asphalt 9: Legend borrows a lot from its predecessor while adding stunning graphics and new features.

What’s new:


The only major change in the gameplay experience is the ‘touchdrive’ mode. When activated, the car drives on its own, making turns and avoiding obstacles, while you control the nitrous, the drifting, and the navigation. Though a fresh change in the genre, I find it a bit too dull. Fortunately, the ‘touchdrive’ mode is optional.

Though there are a few other tweaks here and there, the game borrows a lot from its predecessor.


Asphalt 9: Legend, in simple words, is a brilliant game. The game packs stunning graphics, fast-paced gameplay, upbeat soundtracks, and intuitive controls to deliver a game that deserves the space on your mobile device.

The game also features clubs that you can join or create to

i. Graphics:

Asphalt 9: Legend has superior graphics with intricate details and realistic cars. You almost forget the fact that the game is running on your iPad. The game also has immersive visual effects that make it more indulging.


ii. Controls:


The game offers to alternative control settings- the ‘touchdrive’ mode(which I have mentioned above) and the typical gyroscopic mode. The touchdrive mode, in my opinion, is dull and boring. So I found myself not toggling it on. The only con of this feature is that touchdrive mode gives an unfair advantage to players over those who don’t use the feature.


iii. Gameplay:


Fluid graphics and intuitive controls give us an immersive and addictive gameplay experience, the kind that hooks you for hours until the battery goes out and you look at the time.

The game is fast-paced and action-packed, providing a great experience for a mobile game- one that’s free too!

Asphalt 9 also features the touch-to-blow-other-cars component readily found in the previous game- something I am not a huge fan of.

I firmly believe that mobile games cannot offer the same experience that console games do, but I have to admit that this game gets quite close.


iv. Music:

Asphalt 9 features an upbeat and enthusiastic soundtrack, which goes perfectly with the gameplay experience.

Have a look at the soundtrack here.


v. Others:


The game offers a wide variety of detailed ‘gravity-defying’ maps with loads of alternative routes and airborne action.


Waiting times are not bad; events are frequent and rewarding. Wonderful multiplayer experience.


Asphalt 9 is a treat. And moreover, it’s free. Fluid and detailed graphics, indulging gameplay and a lively soundtrack give an excellent overall experience.