A new year means new games. And 2019 seems to be a promising year for gamers. Here’s a list of games I am stoked about.

1. Days Gone

Days Gone is a long-anticipated open-world action-horror Zombie Survival Game. Days Gone had this aura of Last Of Us – Open World edition that really appeals to me.

Unfortunately, Days Gone will only be available on PS4.

Official Site .

2. Skulls And Bones…

Skulls and Bones is a game I am most excited for. Skulls and Bones is a pirate and naval combat based game. It seems to pack the Black Flag experience with cool online features. Players can either enter the Indian Ocean for a single player experience or join their friends for an online multiplayer game.

Official Site.

3. Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice.

Sekiro Trailer.

Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice is set in late 1500s Sengoku Japan- a period of brutal conflict. With a solid storyline and promising gameplay, Sekiro: SDT is definitely on my list of games I would like to play.

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5. Anthem

I can’t help but be reminded of Destiny 2 when I look at the trailer. Anthem is an action-shooter online multiplayer game in an open-world setting. Just that the game is a third-person shooter. You can team up with up to 3 other players to don the exosuits known as Javelins and jump into its open-world.

These games look extremely promising and I will definitely try to get my hands on all of them. What games are you thrilled to grind? Let me know in the comments section below.