The internet is inundated with gaming news from all around the world but seldom does such earth-shattering news air.

Bungie and Activision SPLIT, and Bungie keeps DESTINY.

This is the end of an 8-year long profitable but scrutinized relationship. Activision wished to create Destiny solely for casual gamers, while Bungie wanted the series to attract only hobbyists/hardcore gamers.

When Destiny 2 was released, it was criticized for its casual features. When Destiny 2: Forsaken came out, it addressed these issues and satisfied the serious gamer. But it did not meet the sales figure that Activision expected. This difference in opinion had led to some tension between the two companies for a long time now, so the divorce wasn’t that much of a shock.

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When the news was announced, Bungie employees celebrated the divorce and popped some champagne. But the case isn’t as simple as that, as Bungie has tons of work to do.

What will happen to the pace of new releases?

Will micro-transactions and monetization techniques change??

Will the new content have enough scope, given the lack of resources Bungie has? (Bungie did get a 100 million dollar investment, though).

And what’s all the talk about Activision being the big, evil organisation that robbed the games of their art and made them into money-generators. Activision is well-hated by hardcore gamers for its money-centred approach to games. That is not unfounded, since Activision does indulge in micro-transactions and pre-released DLC– elements which steal the games sanctuity and simply generate cash.

To see if the split is actually fruitful, we can only wait and observe.