To say that Queen was a defining force in rock music would be a gross understatement. Queen’s music had a symbolic aura that have tons of nostalgia attached to them.

Though it is not untrue to say that almost all songs by the British band would qualify as above excellent, we can always pick a handful of masterpieces.

Here’s Kuna’s list of the 10 best Queen Songs, ranked from good to best.

Please note that this is a personal preference list.

10. Crazy Little Thing Called Love:

There’s something so sing-able about this song. Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a perfectly chill song, the kind you listen to and get all cheered up. Crazy Little Thing Called Love dominated the US billboard hot 100 charts for 4 weeks, and rightly so. The songs simple yet upbeat chord patterns and lively vocals makes it the perfect song for highway drives.

9. Killer Queen

The major highlight of Queen’s early album Sheer Heart Attack, Killer Queen marked the start of Queen’s authentic radio-style music.

8. Radio Gaga:

This fan-favorite written by Queen’s Roger Taylor was inspired by Roger’s child who said ‘radio cucu’ when a bad song came up on the radio. Taylor locked himself in a room with a synthesizer and a drum machine.

What resulted was one of the most memorable song in music history

All we hear is Radio Gaga, Radio Gugoo, Radio Gaga.

7. Fat Bottomed Girls:

Brian May, the perfect British gentleman, wrote this not-very-gentleman-like song. Fat-Bottomed girls is conventional rock at its best.

6. The Show Must Go On:

The Show Must Go On was recorded when Freddie was severely ill. Although the public was not yet informed of Freddie’s condition, there was media speculation claiming of his condition. The song was released just six weeks before Freddie’s death. It was first performed live by the three remaining Queen members, Elton John, and Black Sabbath’s guitarist Tony Lommi.

5. Another One Bites the Dust

John Deacon’s Another One Bites The Dust features a unique and memorable bass line. This song proves the versatility of the band, showcasing their ability to excel in various genres of music.

4. Don’t Stop Me Now:

Freddie’s more-than-excellent vocals and Queen’s unique sound is well embedded in this amazing song. Beginning with a soft and calm tone, the song suddenly picks up a fast and cheery beat, delivering an amazing experience before again ending with a soft coda.

3. Somebody To Love:

Somebody To Love is one of Queen’s most authentic experiences. The song comprises of fast, lively vocals with an equally upbeat backing music. Starting with a brief piano intro, the song quickly picks up pace.

2 . We Will Rock You/We are the Champions:

We Will Rock You’s beat and We are the Champions’ chorus are extremely iconic in rock history. The reason they are ranked together is that they were almost always performed together. We Will Rock You gave an entirely new perspective to performing music, as it got the audience involved in a very unique manner.

1. Bohemian Rhapsody:

You probably saw this one coming. Bohemian Rhapsody has been described by various critics as one of the best rock songs ever created. The song proves Queen’s crave for creativity and innovation. The song is a combination of several different songs in a manner that doesn’t make it feel like different songs but a perfectly woven tapestry of different yet related emotions. There is no doubt about this classic’s undying legacy.

Bohemian Rhapsody is one of those unique songs that are immensely enjoyable yet leave you satisfied: unusually, you are not left craving for more. This is ensured by the song’s unique coda at the end which smoothens the ending and gives you contentment.

Do you agree with my personal preference list?Let me know your own selections in the comments section below.