Spellbreak Battle Royale isn’t just another loot-and-shoot game. Rather, it is a fast paced magic-based game with RPG elements and tons of other gameplay elements to consider. The game has a unique combat mechanism that features gauntlets and runes. While other developers are working hard to claim their share of the battle-Royale craze, spellbreak offers a unique experience to the gamer.

As soon as I heard of it, I had to play it. The game surely held my attention. Soon, rather than testing it, I began playing the game-which really means addictively grinding it.

Be sure to read the complete post to get an insight into the game. This will be followed by a personal review(which you can totally skip to), and how to get spellbreak now.

.Also, note that the game is in pre-alpha stage and is subject to changes.


Spellbreak features a fast-paced combat mechanism that keeps you constantly on the move. The game specifically strains upon aerial combat, with provisions for double-jump and aerial tactics. The primary combat is accomplished through gauntlets. Runes enable special abilities. The game also features a class selection, with each class with its own perks and ‘scroll’ abilities, such as regeneration. Also, Spellbreak features a very animated style of graphics.


The RPG-Battle Royale features a range of playable characters to choose from. These characters do not have any impact on the gameplay, and are for aesthetic purposes only. From stealthy-looking-hoodie-wearing fighters to deadly-muscle-men, spellbreak has a very intriguing set of characters.


The class system in Spellbreak allows selections of up to 2 classes. The available classes. Each class contains a passive ability and a set of scrolls that only those class members can access. The available classes are: Bulwark, conduit, Crack Shot, Frost Born, Pyronmancer, Scavenger, Scout, Stone Shaper, tempest, toxicologist, Zealot.


Gauntlets are your primary weapons. A player can don to gauntlets on either hand that act as your weapons. Some Gauntlets availaible are: Toxic, Frost, Flame, Lightening, etc. Whether you wish to throw fireballs or spray toxics, these gauntlets have you covered.

More importantly, combining gauntlets gives you special outcomes. This is by far my favourite element. For instance, if you spread a frosty sheet using a frost gauntlet. You can then set an electric current onto it using lightening gauntlet. Similarly, you can explore a wide variety of options, such as electric tornados and what not.

Gauntlets are further classified as common, uncommon, rare, legendary, etc.


Runes provide several useful special abilities such as flight for a short period of time and invisibility. Runes are periodically activated after you loot them.

Health and Sheild Potions:

Health and shield potions are very similar to other games. You can drink health and shield potions in various sizes, as expected.

Other items:

Spellbreak comprises of a number of other items, such as shoes that can increase your speed or enable triple-jump. The game also has amulets, belts, etc.


Spellbreak features a dominantly animated-style graphics, similar to fortnite in some respects.

Personal Opinions

Spellbreak certainly kept me on for hours. The game has an attractive play style with unique combat elements. There is not much to say about the game, since it it yet in its pre-alpha change. Subjects such as the yet-to-be-improved map cannot be criticised. Overall, the game has something fresh to offer.

A very noticeable feature that again sets it apart from other BRs is the fortunate absence of one-tap kills. Getting spotted by an enemy without being aware of it seems like there is no hope-this leads to an unfair advantage to even unskilled players. But in Spellbreak, I regularly find myself being hit by the enemy, escaping, and getting back into the battle.

The game also offers a fair challenge, with spell combinations to master and various gameplay elements to take advantage of.

It is also extremely likely that the game will serve a very niche crowd of gamers, since the animated graphics and vastly different play style may not appeal to the common masses.

The developers are also talking about introducing other game modes to the game, which I think would be great.

I stress again that the game is in its pre-alpha, and only time can tell how it evolves.

All-in-all, the game properly introduces the magical elements to the Battle Royale genre. I might find myself taking a break from Black Ops 4, and grinding this very unique game.

Get Spellbreak closed-alpha now!

Go to their site here and sign up for closed alpha.

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