All of us develop a taste for a certain genre, and often we incline towards a certain artist. We all have a list of musician’s that we absolutely love: who’s sounds reaches us the most.

Kuna’s top 3 musicians:

Freddie Mercury

With his stunning vocals and grossly underrated piano skills, Freddie Mercury was truly a legend. We see his true versatility in the range of genres that Queen has touched upon: from authentic rock to blues and pop.

2. Beethoven:

As a pianist, Beethoven’s sonatas and symphonies have always appealed to me. My favorite selections would be: Moonlight Sonata-Third Movement and Symphony no. 5.

3. Hanz Zimmer:

Hanz Zimmer’s genius at creating songs that suggest such strong imagery and emotions seems incredible. Hanz Zimmer is undoubtedly one of the best film scorers of all time.

So what’s your favorite 3 musicians of all time?? Let’s discuss it in the comments section below!