Recently I posted about my first impressions of Spellbreak, a brand-new Battle Royale with epic magic combat. If you’ve read my thoughts on Battle Royale, then you probably know that I’m not a big fan of the genre.

Even though this fresh new look at the genre is still in its closed-alpha, I’ve pretty much ditched AAA Black Ops 4 Multiplayer to grind the RPG BR, which is a lot to say about a game in its closed-alpha.

What appeals most about the game is its incredibly well-designed combat system, and its appealingly sophisticated gameplay elements, such as spell combinations and class-system. The game is also perfectly fast-paced, with special emphasis on aerial combat that adds to the game-style.

Though the game seems to be have a very solid foundation for something truly unique, there’s still much to be worried about. If the game doesn’t get a better and more diverse map, for instance, it will soon start feeling redundant and dull. The game also needs to feel more rewarding, though the developers are currently working on ‘Quests’ which will, I hope, take care of this. Of course, there’s no ground for criticism for a game in its closed-alpha: these are just a few elements the finished product must have.

All in all, my only concern is that the game doesn’t devolve into a redundant game with huge capability but poor implementation.

The devs are also talking about new game modes for Spellbreak, an immensely requested feature for the game. Though I would love to see an authentic deathmatch for this combat system, my note to the developers would be that their Battle Royale is also immensely enjoyable, and that they don’t mess up by rushing the development of the BR for other game modes, but first refine the BR.

Talking of other game modes, I think that a simple yet intense deathmatch would be nice. I would personally also enjoy a co-op survival mode(I always had a thing for those). Of course, it always made sense to me that these would be better of if released in further updates, ensuring that they get the attention they deserve.

Spellbreak isn’t receiving the attention it deserves, and in many ways that’s a good thing. Too much hype before release can destroy the game.

That being said, I’m gonna get back to the game now🤩!!